Azure Engineer and Azure Architect Obsadená

  • Spôsob spolupráce Freelance
  • Kategória Business analýza
  • Začiatok spolupráce 28.02.2019
  • Dĺžka spolupráce 6 mesiacov a viac
  • Lokalita Košice or Bratislava / Slovensko
  • Ohodnotenie 7000 až 8000 € mesačne
Mám záujem

Náš zmluvný partner, spoločnosť T-Systems v Košiciach, hľadá Azure inžiniera a architekta.

Popis pozície

Azure Engineer:
Implement Azure based technologies to satisfy T-systems and customer innovation strategy
Consult and implement migration project from various environment to Azure cloud.
Cooperate on daily basis with Architects, Operational manager and customer to deliver best customer results
Python programming within Open Source Frameworks / Java programing / Perl scripting
Development of the IT systems/applications
Analysis of the requirements and communication with Business Analysts, Product Owner and 3rd party vendors
Work on basis of DevOps model - less focus on process and more on content
Development according to Agile methodology – SCRUM
Cooperation in the field of implementation and testing of the developed solution
Creation of technical documentation
Creative approach within complex solution and technology used
Active participation on research & development projects
Investigate and analyze the root cause of incidents and initiate corrective actions

Azure Architect (additional to Engineer):
Provide overall solutions and principles in planning, developing and implementing Azure public cloud products to satisfy T-Systems business requirements.
Design, develop, and implement architecture of cloud services.
Build and develop concepts, processes and methods for optimization and standardization to satisfy T-Systems efficiency and automation requirements
Act as a mentor to a virtual team to fulfill project scope, coach developers to spread knowledge level in the team and develop their skills.
Act as key technical lead and coordinate activities across related technologies


1-2 business trips in 6 months

130 hours of working time per month

Place of work: partially in T-Systems SK premises (e.g. 30-40% of time)

Potential project end: 31.08.2019, eventually 28.02.2020

Ak na ponuku nechceš reagovať, ale vieš o niekom kto by o ňu mohol mať záujem, odporuč nám ho a radi sa Ti odvďačíme. Pri úspešnom obsadení Tebou doporučeného kandidáta Ti vyplatíme 800 €.