Test Designer Obsadená

  • Spôsob spolupráce Freelance
  • Kategória Testovanie software
  • Začiatok spolupráce 31.03.2019
  • Dĺžka spolupráce 8 mesiacov a viac
  • Lokalita Košice / Slovensko
  • Ohodnotenie 960 až 1600 € mesačne
Mám záujem

Pre nášho zmluvného partnera, spoločnosť T-Systems v Košiciach, hľadáme 2 x Test Dizajnérov.

Popis pozície

Place of work: T-Systems premises (remote 50%)

Travel: Ability to participate on business trips in Germany, 1x in 3 monhts (costs not covered)

The Test Designer provides professional expertise in testing architecture, design and framework, allowing for continuous improvement in test efficiency, test cycle times, and completeness of testing coverage while utilizing domain knowledge of test tools and techniques in a software development environment.
Participates as a member of a Testing Team.
Designs testing scenarios and test cases that will demonstrate conformance to all functional and non-functional requirements, relative to the test level, as defined in business or technical specifications.
Executes tasks related to the production of the Test Plan, test cases, test scripts.
Analyzes the results of the testing process and recommends solutions.
Defines, identifies, collects, and organizes detailed information relating to testing requirements.
Interacts with the project team to gain an understanding of the business environment, technical context, and conformance criteria.
Understands and uses appropriate automated testing processes and tools.
Stays current on established tools, techniques, and technologies.
Supports knowledge management and collaboration through participation in testing discussions, communities and improving testing collateral through lessons learned.
Provides time / resource estimates for assigned tasks.

Design and implementation of the overall testing framework
Design, development and maintenance of test automation framework/architecture
Design of test data to support the test strategy and test approach
Specification of Test Interfaces and harnesses to facilitate testing of system under test
Study of specification provided by other responsible persons to have clear idea what is necessary to test and why
Writing documentation for performed tests to be able to report it to the developers and other involved persons
Find weak points which needs to be tested / covered in particular application to be more stable, has better performance and is more secure
Report founded issues in ticketing system that developers know what they need to fix
Create test cases regarding to specification / documentation to be able to cover all application with tests
Manual/Automatic execution of test cases to ensure everything is working as expected
Record spent time daily in transparent way to have basis for invoicing for customer and Controlling department purpose
Strong communication with developers and other relevant persons to ensure that application is doing what is expected


Education: Information technologies (Bachelor)
Experience: min. 1 year
Certification: ISTQB certificate
Languages: English - intermediate (B2), German- intermediate (B2)

ICT Overview




Telekom know how


UML, process tools




Development lifecycle



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