Senior application developer - RBM Obsadená

  • Spôsob spolupráce Freelance
  • Kategória Vývoj software
  • Začiatok spolupráce 01.07.2019
  • Dĺžka spolupráce 12 mesiacov a viac
  • Lokalita Kosice / Slovensko
  • Ohodnotenie 7200 až 8000 € mesačne
Mám záujem

Náš zmluvný partner, spoločnosť T-Systems v Košiciach, obsadzuje pozíciu Senior application developer - RBM.

Popis pozície

Onboarding date:  latest 1.7.2019 

Potential end: 30.6.2020

Number of man days (hours) per person: 140 hours per month

Place of work: Kosice with possibility to work from home

Travel: Once a month (within 4-6 weeks) presence in the office in Kosice



Develops new and maintains existing configuration of RBM (Rating and Billing Manager from NetCracker) and source code related to deal with RBM in database language SQL and programming language like Java, ASP.Net or C#  based on requirements of  internal or external customers. These applications support usually rating and billing for provider or third parties

Has deep Partner Billing know how

Works independently or in scrum project team on developing  and building  midsize and complex application for customer usage.

Handles all phases of  software development  lifecycle by himself, especially related to RBM including upgrades, provides professional support in the field of deep system analysis, technical documentation, building related infrastructure for developed application by prototyping, research

Provides Hotfix-Delivery (e.g. RBM configuration)

Substitutes the role of  project manager in case of small or midsize software projects, serves as professional mentor

-        Accountabilities:

-       Listen to user requests, consult with internal /external customers, project managers, assist in gathering requirements for preparation of application detailed feature specification as necessary basis of quality and functional application

-       Analyze of customer’s requirements and propose overall RBM design of midsize application, provide complex business analysis in order to build application functionality easy for maintenance and future extension according to customer needs as business intelligent solution that implements business processes in automated form

-       Provides project estimates, timeline like total number of development hours, total number of testing hours and bug fixing and report it to customer for budget planning in advance

-       Implements customer’s requirements based on specification in RBM into functional and user friendly application to meet customer’s needs

-       Provides testing of programmed functionality before deployment in order to avoid bugs and ensure quality of code

-       Write and update regularly complex technical / system documentation (e.g. Authorization concept) for official handover to operation process, also create analytical documentation

-       Communicate project status and deliverables to managers, customer with efficiency and accuracy of any progress or delays to keep them informed and let them be ready for managerial decision and project’s adjustment in advance

-       Maintain application on 2nd, 3rd level support by fixing bugs and regular check, programming updates of features on customer’s change request to satisfy customer needs and to ensure smooth running of the application with added value

-       Record spent time daily in transparent way to have basis for invoicing for customer and Controlling department purpose

-       Perform deploy on infrastructure, backup and restore procedures, handle release management in order to provide regular upgrades of RBM to have up to date features implemented according to agreement with customer

-       Performs a full software migration related to RBM, incl. infrastructure hints how to build a production environment suitable for smooth running of the application

-       Contributes to knowledge base of developers / users within the company by trainings in order to reduce future effort on 1st, 2nd level application support

-       Makes proposals for optimization of processes, participates in process documentation creation

-       Proactively manages problem solving, root cause analysis and proposes solution to avoid problems in a future

-       Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by higher management (e.g. official presentations) 


University degree (minimum Bachelor) , specialization in RBM

7+  years of experience within the field of integration / configuration of NetCracker RBM and upgrade of RBM versions

English  B2, German B2

Advanced knowledge of RBM,  software development methodology (e.g. Agile, Waterfall) , solving conflicts in Java (branch, tag) , bug tracking tool (e.g. Jira, Mantis, Red Mine), LDAP protocol, workflows programming, PL/SQL,  Shell scripting, PERL scripting, C#

System analysis related to Rating and Billing

Advantage is certificate e.g.:  trainings for SAFe framework.

Excelent knowledge of RBM software (Rating and Billing manager from Netcracker), huge adventage is experience within DTAG

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