Tosca tool ConsultantObsadená

  • Spôsob spolupráce Freelance
  • Kategória Consulting
  • Začiatok spolupráce 30.09.2019
  • Dĺžka spolupráce 3 mesiacov a viac
  • Lokalita Kosice / Slovensko
  • Ohodnotenie 1600 až 2400 € mesačne
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Popis pozície

Onboarding date: 01.10.2019

Potential end: 31.01.2020         

Number of needed profiles:     1                                           

Place of work: onsite and offsite, T-Systems Kosice, Zriedlova

Travel: yes, How often: approx. 6 onsite trips


Consultation activities for each Role (at the moment supposed to be led by one consultant). Primary tasks will be to work with the Core Team of up to 10 users to set up and configure the hardware, software and test environment in the first stages and in the next stages they will be training and coaching test design, automation testing and how to use Tosca tool productively. Specifically closer description of the roles with the phases in which they will provide consultation:


Automation Architect - Consultation on solving complex problems by dividing them into smaller units and managing the implementation and direction of the team towards a specific solution. As expert in automation and complicated testing challenges (e.g. test data, environment configuration), they provide user guidance and guidance of the entire on-board process specifically in these phases: Kick-Off and Deep Dive, Prepare Infrastructure, Setup & Configuration, Test Strategy, Review & Next Steps. They will also provide guidance on the effective use of risk-based testing and test case design, efficient test management and automation test approach.


Automation Engineer - Consultations on the object-oriented development of software and scripting - especially C #, assistance in creating test cases and providing business abstractions of UIs and APIs to allow non-programmers to perform test automation. Also further consultations on the security or stability of test automation and on the basis of the retrospectives provide recommendations for future extensions and improvements. The consultations will be primarily provided in phases: Customizations and Execution Strategy


Automation Specialist - Consultancy on software application development, support, design or testing, such as modeling Test Cases and related training and practical coaching. Further consultation and assistance in automation, implementation and maintenance of Test Cases. Specialists are to transfer this knowledge to Users especially in phases: Sample Test Cases, Automation Specialist Training 1 & 2, Coaching.


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